Monoceros is a research and creation lab in the vastness of cyberspace: we build technological solutions to help solve today's society's needs.


We are a collective that works though different disciplines such as sociology, design, art, and experimental media to build up the future, today


Everything in the universe is built up by the same elements:

Dark matter, stars, planets and even you!

We catched some of them, so you can feel free to explore while you travel through our favorite constellation: Monoceros


The cosmos is within us.

We are made of star-stuff.

We are a way for the universe to know itself.- Carl Sagan


Combine two elements scattered inside the galaxy using our insights research lab, take your protein pills and put your helmet on!

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Congrats cadete

You discover

We are producers of the future, today.

Hello fellow pioneer!

Lets build up a new formula where you can fix elements and create something fresh.

How can we reach out to you?

Aristóteles 221, Col. Polanco, CP 11550, CDMX (+52 1) 55 2559 3420